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Top Buddhist Pilgrimage Destination in India

leh shanti stupa

Occasionally all you want from a holiday is satisfaction, what you search for is a place where you can let your locks down and invest a while thinking about the peaceful and religious around. You need minutes of real comfort, a place where you can chill out and refresh your soul. Well, conference your anticipations, Buddhist Routine is just the ... Read More »

Historical Places For Tourists In India

India is a country with a rich history. Its past has seen many religions establish their roots which are still visible even today. Also, the country has seen many rulers and empires whose footprints can be seen in different parts of the country. In fact, many of these historical places have been listed as world heritage sites. A trip to ... Read More »

Sri Lankan Luxury Travel

Sri Lankan Luxury Travel

Overview Joining the world as it celebrates the luxury provided by the beautiful nation of Sri Lanka quenches the thirst for the leisure experienced in travel. This part of the world presents people from all walks of life with exuberant leisure. Travelling to Sri Lanka for your holiday getaway not only returns the value for your money, but also leaves ... Read More »

Top 5 Wedding Venues In India

Top 5 Wedding Venues In India

India has grown and gained much popularity in hosting wedding occasions by both the locals and foreigners. It has the best spectacular venues that make a breathtaking wedding occasion. Wedding industry has gained fame in India and will guarantee to seal your fancy love with your couple. They have the utmost wedding planners who will make your wedding event a ... Read More »

Top 20 Must See Destinations in Arunachal Pradesh

dirang valley

The literal which means of Arunachal Pradesh is a “land of the daybreak-lit mountains”. Located within the easternmost a part of the Indian Territory, this excellent vacation getaway is dwelling to verdurous valleys, and unprecedented aestheticism. Gushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and picturesque mountain tops improve the astounding scenic great thing about this treasure trove of unmatched attract. Surprisingly the ... Read More »

Top 6 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Jaipur -The Pink City

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Rajasthan is a state of amazing elegance and variety activities. While Jaipur is its vibrant expense and a company center, it is tasting highly with an age-old appeal that never is not able to shock a traveler. Here is a filter your search that will help you filter down the top destinations to check out in the light Pink City ... Read More »

A beautiful Tourist Destination that displays the fascinating part of Indian culture, history, historical culture, famous monuments,historical monuments,ruby exquisiteness and India Wildlife Travel, Indian greets you all for perfect holidays in the famous destinations of Indian that open up the wonderful organic charm of Mother Nature in the form of snow-covered hills, luxurious mdw and many more. Moreover the organic amazing things, Indian is an Tourist Destination to various man-made amazing things. The edifices constructed by the great men, stand as the actual model of architectural beauty of India monuments. Perhaps it is the exceptional originality that still attracts the modern people to value the historical architectures.

Thinking of the exquisiteness accepted in the India monuments, this part is an attempt to provide you a view of all the Indian Tourist Destination. From India Beaches and Hill Station in India, from Adventure Travel; we will bring the entire Indian right in front of your eyes. So come and experience the incredible travel with India travel blog leisure of India!!

Honeymoon in India! It’s a wonderful experience to cherish forever. There is no lack of romantic holidays; destinations in India that attract the recently wedded lovers from all over the world. Palm-fringed beautiful India beach places, amazing beach hotels, attractive hill station in India, spectacular hotels, historical Famous Monuments; Pilgrimage Travel places, amazing mansions castles, exotic wildlife sanctuaries; nature, copious natural charm and friendly people all have made Indian very popular among newly-weds on their Honeymoon in India; happily couples from all over the world.