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Some Tips to Choose the Perfect Resort to Spend Your Vacation

It is holiday time again, and with all the excitement and the fun comes a lot of planning and a whole lot of important decisions, ranging from the destination and the transportation to duration and accommodation. Each of these is a strictly personal choice, but you should do some research before coming to a decision. When it comes to selecting ...

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Explore the Popular Heritages of Delhi


Delhi always remains a delightful hotspot for any traveller. It is the capital of India and a perfect blend of tradition, modernity, politics and technology. Here is a list of 7 places to visit on your first trip to Delhi. Delhi with other NCR places, such as Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad is growing every moment. Located along the ...

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Reasons to visit Kaas – The Plateau of Flowers

Kaas plateau

Flowers are a blessing to the world. They are considered sacred. They are offered for prayers and showered over deities. Their petals are used to create essence which is used in perfuming the world – making the world smell good. Flowers are used as a symbol of affection and concern. They are used in a bouquet to profess love to ...

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5 Awesome reasons to visit Manali


Life has become very hectic and there seems to be no respite. Planning a holiday is not all that easy. Deciding the place is in itself a big challenge. If you are looking for a break and not sure which place would give you memories for a lifetime, then be prepared to get your eyes opened and see through Manali. ...

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Do Not Let These Mistakes Spoil Your Road Trip!

Do Not Let These Mistakes Spoil Your Road Trip

There’s something about road trips which feels so liberating. Winds caressing our hair, sun kissing our skin, music playing on loud volume and eyes getting treated to picturesque locations makes us forget of any tiny worry we have in our life. We completely de-clutter our brains from the noise of the outside world for some moments and get back in ...

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Shimoga – a beautiful Karnataka town calling for an amazing vacation


 A scenic place most noted for the mystic waterfalls, lush greenery, and centuries old history, Shimoga is a major part of Karnataka state. It is a fast developing city and a district with rice harvesting as one of its prime industries. The place is specifically noted for its large production of rice and thus is referred as the rice bowl ...

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