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Excellent Dharamshala

Incredible Dharamshala

If you ever need a break from the heat, Dharamshala is your perfect getaway from all the stress in your life! Escapists dream for some other paradise. Escape from the hustle bustle of city life and enjoy the mountains. The city sits in a relatively higher proportion of Kangra Valley. Watch and observe and be one with nature. Beautiful pine trees and lush green deodar forests are eye openers of our natural heritage! A cool breeze that brushes your cheek makes you feel like you’re in heaven. Small streams and snow-kissed mountains is something that you simply can not afford to miss when away!

Tibetan monks at the monastery in Dharamshala

Tibetan monks
Dharamshala over the years, has become a household and asylum Outcast Tibetans. The Chinese community was deported and taken political and spiritual solace here. The Tibetan community at the forefront of LED none other than the Dalai Lama. He raises to McLeod Ganj. Over the years, Dharamshala is packed with tourists from all over the world. The best time to Viita is during the summer, as in winter it gets too cold to work. You must swallow Moma and Pocha. Your taste buds will keep craving for hot food of Tibet.

Trekking in Dharamsala

Trekking in Dharamshala

Take action, if you like to travel, then so be it! Rock climb the Dhauladhar range. The trek from Dharamsala, McLeod Ganj heart all the way to the picnic spot, Triund. Rejuvenate yourself with the energy of nature! Triund is densely populated with beautiful flowers and trees that are oh so soothing to the eyes. While on your way to Triund you can get that one-on-one with wild goats and even a black bear. So be very careful! Being 17km off off Dharamsala map does not look very frustrating, is not it?
About a kilometer away from the exotic Mcleodganj is Bhagsunag Mandir. It was made for the worshipers of Lord Shiva. Enjoy a swim in a waterfall here and if you like it!

 Sunrise-Dharamshala-Manaslu Snow fall Hill

Sunrise-Dharamshala-Manaslu snow falls Hill

Visit the snow-clad mountains in the history books as the Illaqua. Illaqua is almost 6 km away from the central Truind. Enroute to Palampur, stop over at Gopalpur zoo. Feast your eyes on the wild mountain lions and exotic peacocks display.

Chamba Rumal at Kangra Art Museum

Chamba Rumal at Kangra Art Museum

If you want to explore the outskirts of the city, well, there are many that are offered. Anyone who has visited the Kangra Art Mueseum always spoke very highly of it. Tourists from all over do not visit here. In Civil Lines, have War Memorial which tankers and fighters used in the war. Great place to sit down in the evening or go for a walk late at night! Enjoy the fountain has a screen while you are there. Take a 25-minute drive to the Naddi. Cross Army and exclusive area of ​​St John’s Church. Enjoy with a cemetery ghost ride. Along the way, stop and drown at the Dal lake. Spend time with family and friends here! It will be something that you will cherish for a lifetime. When you finally reach the Naddi, sit down to a cup of tea. Rewind! Kick back and relax. If you plan to spend the night there, renting a house in one day. Not far away, adventure lovers can try paragliding, if they so please.

 Kareri Lake Dharamshala

Karera Lake Dharamshala

Visit Karera Lake and Gopalpur rest. Enjoy Khaniyara! Tea lovers will be in store for a lot of them. The lush green tea gardens are something you can not afford to miss!

Tibetan Monestary Dharamshala

Dharamshala Tibetan Monestary

What to know about the Tibetan culture? Then the Norbulingka Institute is the place to be. This class institute produces paintings and beautiful furniture. Monastery lovers can visit the Dip Thekchen Choeling monastery! It is very popular with the locals. A great place to embibe life’s Buddhist culture. Be all you know, when it comes to this rich culture. It is an experience in itself! Go through the prayer books and archival photos that they have there! Kunal Pathri is one you need to visit the temple. Jwalamukhi Temple, which by the way, is the most crowded temple near Dharamsala is the best place to get blessings from God! Kids can get printed henna on their hands and can enjoy a hearty breakfast of local Dhaba. Chamunda Devi is another important temple where the goat sacrificed to the goddess Chamunda in order to please her. Take a holy dip in the water and the prayers of the masses.

Dharamshala cricketing stadium

Dharamshala cricketing stadium

Recently, Dharamshala, mainly after the opening of the world‘s most beautiful cricket stadium has been put on the world map. Himachal Pradesh first, the stadium match any world-class stadium, equipped with a large screen and the stand is a beauty. In the wake of the Himalayan range, the stadium provides a view like no other in the world!
All those who love to shop till they drop is quite something. Dharamshala small and large handicrafts, best place to buy for! The most famous Kotwali Bazar, a great market to buy the nitty gritties. The most affordable prices for you to take possession of the lovely carpets and motifs can check up. Some salesmen have a Persian carpet! Tibetan hat is a must buy! Intricately detailed scarves made of silk chiffon Jogibara to hit the road. Price throws at the end of the Buddhist cultural books readers can find.
Dharamshala Toddlers and adults alike is an ideal holiday destination. You look like no other with the sun, bask in the glory of the lap of nature, spend time alone. Others take a break! Find your consolation. Here are a hassle to find a hotel. Around the main city and has many hotels and cottages.

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