Five Best Driving Roads in the US


Driving on the road is one of the most enjoyable adventures you can ever take. Enjoy nature, picturesque views, interesting wildlife and eye-catching foliage as you cruise along long, wide roads that lead to national parks, attractive camp sites or beaches. Keeping road safety in mind, always look out for road markings, like what Ennis-Flint offers, and drive with care. Following are five of the top driving roads in the US that you can go off an adventure to. It’s time to hit the road!Florida Keys

Florida Keys

Some of the best beaches in the world are in Florida. Get a glimpse of their beauty when you drive down Overseas Highway. The 113-mile Overseas Highway consists of bridges and roads that you can drive from the mainland of Florida down to the Key West. History makes this drive even more interesting as the bridges are known to be engineering feats that have survived the Flagler’s East Coast Railway. The construction, designed to link Florida Keys to mainland Florida, was competed in 1912 but destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. The restoration project made highways out of remaining rails. The best part to traverse is the Seven Mile Bridge as you can see a 7-mile span of clear waters.

Hawaii Belt Big Island

If beaches, nature, lavas, jungles and farmlands are on your itinerary when you plan a drive, then Hawaii is your best choice. The 11, 19 and the 190 are the three state routes on the Big Island that form part of the Hawaii Belt. When you cruise around, you will be treated to the magnificent sight of opulent jungles, mountains, valleys, vast farmlands, white beaches, active lava flows and lava deserts. This route is 300 miles long. If you are planning to hit the Big Island, you can split your drive across several days so you can appreciate the scenery, different parks, and enjoy native attractions and food.

Pacific Coast Highway

If you want to go en route one of the most striking sceneries in the whole world, you should trek the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Highway 1, as it otherwise called, is only 123 miles long but you will be rewarded with beautiful coastlines and enfolding cliffs that will take your breath away. You only need about five hours to navigate the highway on a leisurely drive and maybe pull over to get a better view. 

Finger Lakes Region

In New York State, you will find a chain of eleven lakes that seem like fingers with the way that they are shaped. The lakes are Seneca, Skaneateles, Honeoye, Keuka, Canandaigua, Canadice, Cayuga, Conesus, Otisco, Hemlock and Owaska. They are formed by glaciers and run a length of 75 miles from Rochester to Syracuse. The drive along this region, especially during autumn, will give you a majestic view of bucolic farmland, vineyards and wineries and picturesque towns. Finger Lakes is about 23,000-plus kilometers so you need to schedule several days to do this trip. You wll be treated to wine tastings, charming farms and lots of beautiful lakefront homes, making your trip not only a good drive but also an ideal getaway.  

The Skyline Drive

In Virginia, one of the best drives is the road along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Skyline is a 105-mile public road that leads to the Shenandoah National Pak. With three hours on non-stop driving, you will enjoy various overlooks, flowers, mountains, valleys and wildlife as you cruise into the park. If you drive during autumn and spring, you will enjoy colorful foliage and scenic views.