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Dumas beach Gujarat

dumas-beach-dumasbeach Dumas Beach is a popular beach located in the state of Gujarat. It is 16 km from Athva gate in the south, near the city of Surat. Dumas beach is popular as a popular haunted place in India. Dumas beach is home to many ghosts, because it is windy place and ghosts roam normal in these areas. Again, the Hindus have a long tradition of burning dead bodies on the beaches which also acts as one of the main reasons for the Dumas beach area or be haunted house ghost town. He said that if someone walks on the beach during the night, he / she will positively be able to hear a series of beeps. She was also in the news that a number of people have disappeared taking evening walks on the beach.

There are many other tourist places in Dumas involving Dariia Ganesha temple. It is next to the beach in Dumas. Also, there are a few grocery stores that sell snacks like Pav Bhaji, Lashkari bhajiia tomatoes, and Chinese famous corn that is grilled on charcoal. Many restaurants are also located in the Dumas beach which sells Chinese and Indian food. Some of the restaurants have vegetarian food to offer. Toilets can be easily available in Muraji Desai circle.

dumas beach

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