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Best 7 Adventure things To Do in Kerala

 The magnetic beauty of the majestic mountains donning the Western Ghats and the emerald blue-green waters of the Arabian Sea blending in a type of exotic harmony with the natural forests and their amazing flora and fauna invite many people to Kerala. This perfect setting lures adventure enthusiasts to indulge in adrenaline-driven activities.

Here lets have a look at 7 adventure activities that you can certainly do while visiting Kerala.

1. Bamboo Rafting over the Rivers

Bamboo Rafting along the Rivers

If you should be a nature lover to the core, you then wouldn’t wish to miss out the Bamboo rafting at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady. This excellent eco-tourism program enables you to take pleasure in the enchanting beauty of the forests where you loll slightly in the bamboo, watch the arboreal animals and take pleasure in the sweet medley of the birds. You are able to traverse through lots of the forest areas whenever you raft, and all the time, this is arranged from morning and continues on for 9 hours.  Exactly the same may be enjoyed at Wayanad too!

Bamboo Rafting
2. Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking

If you should be intent on experiencing the culture of Kerala at close quarters, then you can certainly carry on kayaking and canoeing. Different types of kayaking opportunities can be found for visitors and you are able to select from among them. The incomparable beauty of the backwaters and mesmerizing dense foliage beyond it may be enjoyed via a kayak tour.

3. Mountain Climbing

If you should be keen on climbing, there are several spots where you could take pleasure in the sport.  Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a well known point for mountain climbing. It’ll get you one fullday to climb the mountain and you’ll need to guard yourself with sun blocks and mosquito repellents while climbing. Needless to say, snacks and water are other must-carry items. The climb may be steep, rough, and you will need to suffer through mist obstructing the view.

Mountain Climbing

4. Trekking

 Trekking in Munnar

You are able to enter the forests at Thekkady and walk over the tiger trail. You will have expert guides to assist you spot one other animals and a walk over the dense forests with comfortable,  camouflaging clothes is obviously inspiring. You may also cook in the jungle, have a simple meal, sleep in the tent and if lucky, you are able to certainly spot a tiger. Trekking will surely provide you with a taste of the mysterious forests of Kerala; but try as you may, you can’t crack the mystery… it still eludes you.

5. Surviving in a Tree-House

 Tree house, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

That is one of the very invigorating experiences of residing in this enchanting land. You are able to stay at the tree-houses where you could actually see for miles and spot different animals from the vantage point. Elephants, tigers, leopards, pigs, wild boar, bears and lots of other animals may walk right below your tree-house. Get acquainted with the majestic beauty of Kerala forests and observe the subtle, yet myriad facets of the forest life from the comfort of your tree house.

This facility exists at many resorts in Kerala, and obviously, it would have been a lifetime experience since you can tune in to the chirping of the different birds each day, take pleasure in the sun’s rays peeping through the dense trees and the rhythmic hum of the beetles in the evening.

 6. The Treadmill Workout


Needless to say, this isn’t the sort of workout that you do at your gym. You see this traditional ‘treadmill’in the paddy fields of Kerala. If the farmer allows you, can try pedaling on the treadmill; the key function with this treadmill is always to irrigate the paddy fields. It will probably be a lot of fun, and you will get parts of your muscles toned too.

7. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari at Gavi

Surviving in a tree house will provide you with a ringside view of the forests, but going on a wildlife safari will certainly get you beyond all that. The biodiversity of the united states and the amazing flora and fauna will invoke a strong sense of resoluteness in you, and through you will realize the significance of protecting the natural beauty, without which, mankind is likely to be extinguished such as the snuff of a candle. Both day and nocturnal safaris can be found to tourists.

Kerala is beautiful in most sense of the phrase, and there are lots of interesting places to see as well. Independent of the adventurous activities stated earlier, you may also enjoy elephant rides  (which is definitely adventurous for me personally!) and also take part in elephant processions conducted during temple festivals.

There are numerous more options like Paragliding, Sea Surfing, Scuba Diving, Biking…Well, for adventure enthusiasts, sky could be the limit for venting out their creative energy in Kerala!

Do share your experience. What adventure activity did you enjoyed probably the most during Kerala?

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