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Gulmarg sightseeing- Gulmarg travel guide

Gulmarg travel guide – Gulmarg sightseeing
Gulmarg may be a city, a hill station and a notified space committee in Baramula district within the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Gulmarg is found fifty two kilometre from Srinagar. it’s set at thirty four.05° N 74.38° E. it’s a mean elevation of two,690 m (8,825 ft).

History of Gulmarg

The Gulmarg has been a resort for the kings like Yousuf Shah of Iran Chak, Jahangir etc who oft wont to visit this place. The recent name of Gulmarg was ‘Gaurimarg’ the name of Lord Shiva’s adult female. Yousuf Shah of Iran Chak modified its name to gift Gulmarg which means the place of roses.During the first a part of the twentieth century the illustrious Central Asian somebody Sir brandy Aurel Stein (1862 – 1943), created his home here in a very tent between his expeditions. it had been a favorite summer vacation destination for British stationed in India.
The surrounding areas were politically restive throughout the Nineteen Nineties battle in Kashmir, however once a ceasefire between Asian country and Pakistan in 2003, the city is currently enjoying a amount of relative peace and quiet. The city is close among the imposing mountain chain peaks, and lies among miles of the road of management. it’s the recipient of serious downfall throughout the winter season and may be a in style resort.

Gulmarg valley
With the abatement of aggressiveness within the space, Gulmarg has quickly become one among the state’s most visited destinations. The slopes of the Afarwat Hills of the Pir Panjal vary of Himalaya Mountains Chain boast one among the longest and highest ski slopes in Asia. the entire distance coated by ski tow is 5 kilometres and also the resort peaks at an altitude of three,747 m (12,293 ft), accessed by an aerial gondola (telecabine). The athletics project was inaugurated by the Chief Minister on twenty five Dec 2004. the whole hill is guarded by the military in any respect times. The army, that is seen all over within the cities of geographic area, isn’t within the city or the particular peak. hunt is merely done midway on the route at three places: Tangmarg, close to a military camp on the road from Tangmarg, and five kilometre before coming into Gulmarg. Gulmarg doesn’t have any permanent residents. All living in Gulmarg ar edifice staff and guests. everybody else is needed to depart the village by sunset, as per curfew set by the military in 1990.

Travel In Gulmarg 
Gulmarg in Winter - snow fall

Gulmarg is accessed from Srinagar (the capital of Kashmir) in regarding one hour by taxi or bus, although army checkpoints might increase the period of time to 3 hours, counting on the safety scenario. The buses can reach Tangmarg in regarding forty five minutes. From Tangmarg, for the twenty kilometre hill road, jeeps is employed for reaching Gulmarg peak in regarding twenty minutes. hunt and identity checks can occur regarding 5km before Gulmarg. there’s strict limit in motion between Tangmarg and Gulmarg. The last motorcar down from Gulmarg is offered at sunset.

Gulmarg has around forty hotels of all grades. the height season starts with the snowstorm in Dec till April. the fees for one night keep in off season vary from Rs500 – Rs4000+. The off-season rates typically receive a reduction of regarding hour compared to season time.
Gulmarg boasts of Asia’s highest and longest compartment project, the Gulmarg Gondola. The two-stage conveyance ferries regarding 600 individuals per hour to and from Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of near Afarwat Peak (4,200 m (13,780 ft)). The conveyance project may be a venture of the Jammu and Kashmir government and French firm Pomagalski.

Gulmarg Gondola –  The New compartment of Gulmarg, the primary stage transfers from the Gulmarg resort at a pair of,600 m (8,530 ft) to Kongdoori Station within the concave Kongdori natural depression. The second stage of the conveyance, that has thirty six cabins and eighteen towers, takes skiers to a height of three,747 m (12,293 ft) on Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of near  Afarwat Peak (4,200 m (13,780 ft)). The second stage was completed in a very record time of regarding 2 years at a value of Rs eleven large integer and opened on might twenty eight, 2005. The French company had additionally designed the primary section of the gondola project, connecting Gulmarg to Kongdoori, in 1998.

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