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Vagamon Hill Station – Kerala

vagamon keralaVagamon hill station it’s settled at concerning sixty klick from Kottayam and sixty five klick from Idukki district in Kerala. located at associate elevation of concerning 1100 meters higher than the ocean level, Vagamon is picturesquely encircled by 3 chains of hills particularly Thangal hill, Kurisumala and Murugan hill. it’s a awfully ideal traveler spot encircled by the leafage of tea gardens, lovely meadows, deep puzzling valleys and dales.

The enthralling hill station dotted with tea gardens can before long be one in all India’s foremost Eco-tourism comes. All the trekking enthusiasts can fancy rise this 1100 meters tall hill station. This traveler place conjointly should provide Thangal Para, the Indo-Swiss Project and Kurisumala Ashram. The quite surroundings with cool breezing all around the year create Vagamon one in all the foremost asked for tourist destinations for the tourists craving for an opportunity from disagreeable lifetime of cities.

Vagamon Major Tourist Atractions

Vagamon Kurisumala : Vagamon Kurisumalacould be a Christian pilgrim centre and one in all the most attractions at vagamon. the most day of attraction is on Good Friday. this can be wherever many devotees from way and close to converge throughout the Holy Week and when to climb the Hill carrying wood crosses.

Kurisumala Ashram : Kurisumala Ashram, a cloister for Christian ascetics, WHO have belief within the Christianity together with the Indian non secular beliefs, is value visiting an area in Vagamon.

Kurisumala AshramKurisumala Ashram is at the guts of the Sahya Mountains, that run parallel to india’s south West Coast. it’s an area holy by the breeze that blows softly across the valleys and by the overwhelming fantastic thing about the creation, and therefore the mediative thoughts that arise from the depth of silence. Even nowadays individuals move to the mountains in search of peace of mind and of God-experience.

Green Meadows and Grassy Planes : Wagamon is extremely noted for its charming meadows. These meadows with a background of gorgeous mountains provides a pure expression of nature. Tea and Eucalyptus plantation ar a significant feature to check here.

Pine Forests and Wild Orchids : Wagamon Pine forest is additionally a significant attraction to check here together with lovely wild Orchids. typically there’s a rush of tourists here throughout the blooming season of Orchids. Since Wagamon has little streams and streams account for a few contemporary waterfalls.

Water falls and the ravine: The steep hill station tract that provides access to the water fall space is on the ridge and there is several pavilions on that to fancy rain, wind, and therefore the infinite read of the hillscapes. There also can be performance podiums with the mountainous landscape because the background.

Adventure at Vagamon
The steep rocky hill tract is nearly mountainous in character. The formation and valley topography space is right for journey activities that will attract people that like sailplaning, rope rise, jumping and therefore the like. There is viewing pavilions too, as caves within the surface of the Hill which might attract individuals for staying within. this could be sculpted out of the rocks associated would offer an venturesome keep.

Reaching Vagamon
At around one hundred kilometers from Kochi by road (NH47, NH49, SH8and SH14), Vagamon is reached from Kottayam (64 kms) and Idukki (65 kms). poultry International airport is that the nearest airport whereas the nighest rail affiliation is at Kottayam.

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